Things To Know

CC-Theater5Information Needed to Ensure Prompt Service

Please provide the call taker with the following :

1.  Your exact house or building number and street name along with apartment number and buzzer code.

2.  Your exact destination.

3.  Your phone number if you wish to be called when the driver arrives.

4. Inform the call taker of any special needs you may have.

5. If you are traveling with an animal let us know what kind.

6.  If you are on a street  where the driver cannot double park to wait for you, please be at curbside  so we don’t miss you.

7.  If you no longer need a taxi please call us back and cancel. This helps provide faster service for everyone.

8.  If your taxi has not arrived within the time we have estimated please call back , informing the call taker that this is a recall.

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